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5 Engine Noises that Require Immediate Attention – CarReHub

5 Engine Noises That Require Immediate Attention

If you notice your car making strange noises, you are probably correct about worrying. Cars are supposed to make weird noises and if you notice a sudden change in the sound of your engine, there are chances that something is wrong. These noises can range from popping, hissing, clicking, knocking or squealing. If you notice any of these sounds take it over to Car Rehab as soon as possible. We provide the best multi brand car service in Noida. We will take an in-depth look at those issues and fix them.

Knocking Sounds

If your engine makes knocking noises and you hear it consistently as your drive, it is a sign that there is a problem. This sound is connected to the ignition. This noise is produced when fuel is present inside the cylinder. Poor fuel injectors, bad distributor caps or poor spark plugs can be among the several reasons that could result in ignition problems.

Squealing Sounds

Squealing sound from the engine is that one nasty sound that no one wants to hear. This is the cause of in adequate padding for protection of brakes. You should not avoid this problems as it can lead to brake failure in future. If the noises are being heard in the car, it could be a problem in car brakes. This sound also occurs when one of the belts in your engine compartment is loose. It may start to slip and cause the unpleasant squealing sound. 

Belts are an important component of the vehicle and will affect the way your engine operates. If you face any such issue,  visit car rehab which provides the best car services in Noida. Here, we will thoroughly examine your car and fix the problems so you can drive your car safely without having to listen to that awful sound.

Clicking Sounds

Clicking sounds in your vehicle may be an indication that you are running low on engine oil. Engine oils are a very important of how your car runs. If you start to hear these clicking a tapping noises, think when you had your last oil change. If this is the case, get it done right away and it will most likely resolve the issue.

Popping Sounds

Popping sounds can be scary and this type of sound is always a matter of concern. It can be an indication of serious problems. Engine exhaust leaks are likely to cause this problem. So if you hear popping noises coming from your engine, take your car for an inspection right away. It may even be due to dirty air filters. Car Rehab is the best multi brand car workshop in Noida that will correctly diagnose and fix your problems quickly and safely.

Hissing Sounds

Hazing noise from the engine can be due to various reasons. If you hear a hissing sound coming from under your hood after turning off the engine there is a high chance that there is a leak. These sizzling noises may be a result of the leaking fluid coming into contact with your hot engine, or that the catalytic converter is plucked. It may also be due to the engine being very hot or a leakage in coolant or vacuum. Car Rehab provides you with the best solutions so it does not lead to more serious problems.

Car Rehab Service Centre: Diagnosing & Fixing Car Issues For Our Customers

These noises from the vehicle are an indication that your car is not in good condition. Take it to Car Rehab, a multi brand car service in Noida to fix your problems before it gets worse. We will assess the situation and provide the most cost-efficient solution to bring your vehicle in safe, running condition.

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