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Chevrolet is known for its pickup, city cruisers and recently, for its SUVs. It is one of the most success automotive brands in the US and has stayed true to his image delivering many iconic cars to this day.

Car Rehub is a multi-brand car workshop in Noida that is committed to setting and maintaining punctilious standards for your Chevrolet car. 

With our dedicated technicians, we offer high-quality servicing for its longevity. Car Rehub is a luxury car service centre in Noida that offers a service experience carefully designed to guarantee transparency and total peace of mind regarding all aspects of your vehicle’s maintenance. 

We have experienced professionals trained to ensure that the quality of our work is never compromised. You can trust the Car Rehub service center to live up to the very highest quality standards at all times. We use genuine parts specifically designed and certified for your luxury vehicles. Also, we provide you with a reasonable cost of ownership by offering cost-effective and competitive pricing. 

Our expert team is highly experienced in all makes and models of Chevrolet and ensures total compliance with the manufacturer’s repair guidelines. You are assured to get quality Chevrolet services at Car Rehub Service Center, Noida in terms of maintenance and repair by certified Chevrolet specialists that excel in the complex mechanical and electrical systems of the latest Chevrolet vehicles. 

Whether you drive the popular Tahoe SUV, Trax, Spark, Suburban, Equinox or Impala, we have experienced staff to look into all your needs. We provide super service from beginning to end. We duly understand how your Chevrolet runs and the challenges it faces in different conditions. We are aware of the problems regularly faced by Chevrolet owners like transmission slipping, brakes sticking, clutch failure, car AC issues, power steering issues, seal leaking, faulty air intake sensors, and windows rattling.

Chevrolet, or Chevy for short, has a lengthy history of travelling the world’s highways.

The corporation has a significant impact on the American vehicle industry. Chevrolet is active in all categories of the automotive business, offering a diverse range of vehicles such as small cars, commercial vehicles, electric vehicles, SUVs, and more. Its headquarters are in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States, and it has operations all around the world. The business also introduced the world to the renowned Corvette, a two-seater sports car.

Chevrolet is known for its efficiency and product quality, and it has always prioritised product performance as well as customer satisfaction over the long term. Models from Chevrolet include electrified and fuel-efficient vehicles with compelling performance, design, user-friendly technology, and active safety features. Chevrolet had 140 nations under its belt by 2010 and has continued to grow since then.

In November 1911, racer Louis Chevrolet and General Motors founder William C. Durant formed Chevrolet in Detroit. Durant, on the other hand, used the firm to orchestrate a reverse merger with General Motors in 1918, allowing him to restore his position as the company’s President. However, this did not last long, and he was deposed once more in 1919.

Alfred Sloan took over his role as president of General Motors and chose the brand to be the company’s volume leader. By 1929, Chevrolet had surpassed Ford as the best-selling automobile in the United States.

William C. Durant, the company’s co-founder, introduced the Chevrolet bowtie logo. The H Series Baby Grand and Royal Mail models, as well as the Light Six L Series model, initially featured the insignia in 1914. The emblem was created in Durant’s imagination during his global travels in 1908, when he imagined the pattern marching off into infinity as a design on wallpaper in a French hotel, according to ‘The Chevrolet Story’ of 1961, the company’s official publication. He tore a piece of the wallpaper off the wall and kept it to show his friends because he felt it would make an excellent vehicle nameplate.

 This logo first appeared in 1985 as part of the Heartbeat of America ad campaign without the attached text. Previously, the emblem was blue for cars and gold for trucks. However, in 2004, Chevrolet began to phase in the golden bowtie that now serves as the company’s brand identification across all vehicles.

Car Models

The first Chevrolet model was the Series C Classic Six, which was designed by Etienne Planche based on Louis Chevrolet’s specifications. The Series C Classic Six debuted at the 1913 New York Auto Show as the first production model.

Chevrolet Beat

The Chevrolet Beat is one of the most popular hatchbacks. It comes with an LPG kit as well as petrol and diesel engines. This vehicle has an aggressive and athletic appearance that is enhanced by elegant graphics and a robust body. The car’s front design incorporates a dual split grille with a golden bowtie, halogen headlamps, body-toned bumpers, fog lights, and other characteristics that give it a dynamic look. Beat’s rear end features a well-integrated spoiler and LED taillights, as well as a high-mounted stop lamp, rear wiper, and body-coloured bumpers. In terms of safety, the top model has an optional Anti-lock Braking System that protects the driver during emergency braking.

Chevrolet Trailblazer

The Chevrolet Trailblazer is a muscular and powerful SUV that is driven by a 2.8-litre Duramax engine that delivers 297 horsepower and 500 pounds-feet of torque. It features ominous exteriors and a long, slender body.

The huge Chevrolet bowtie is located in the centre of the front grille, which features a honeycomb mesh background. Chrome accents surround the grille and also adorn the fog lamps. It has a wide range of functions to keep the passengers entertained and safe.

ABS (anti-lock braking system), EBD (electronic brake-force distribution system), hill start assist, electronic engine immobiliser, speed sensing auto door locks, hill descent control, keyless entry and go, hydraulic assist brakes, crash sensors, cornering brake control, ventilated disc brakes at the front and rear, fog lamps at the rear, and parking camera with sensors are among the safety features included in this vehicle.


Chevrolet’s automobiles have some genuinely outstanding solutions and technologies.

Many of these breakthroughs have to do with software, while others include improved materials, precise sensors, and thousands of hours of wind tunnel testing. For increased safety, comfort, and entertainment, these are customised to each vehicle’s features.

Safety Technology

Modern Chevrolet cars have braking systems with robust metal rotors that are clamped onto expensive high friction pads. The software and sensors that help the driver use the brakes safely are updated on a regular basis and represent the most up-to-date technology available. Modern Chevys include an Anti-lock Braking System that can regulate braking pressure multiple times per second. This aids a vehicle’s stopping ability on a slick surface.

These vehicles are equipped with airbags, which can save lives in the event of an accident. These devices can be deployed from hidden compartments in less than a second.

Performance Technology

Chevrolet’s engine technology has advanced significantly in recent decades. Direct fuel injection, variable intake length, variable exhaust, variable valve timing, and a variety of other electronically optimised components are increasingly commonplace. Thread designs and rubber compounds have been rigorously engineered to provide the optimal balance of comfort grip, water evacuation, silence, and longevity of the car tires. The shock systems employed by cars have magnetorheological features.

Efficiency Technology

Chevrolet vehicles are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Many Chevrolet vehicles, particularly hybrid and performance variants, have their bodywork optimised in the wind tunnel. Modern metal alloys were used to create the metals and composites that make up the backbone and skin of automobiles. These alloys were produced specifically for high strength and low weight. They also make sure that the chassis is strong and long-lasting.

Luxury Technology

These vehicles have been updated with modern premium technology such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which allow you to play your favourite music, podcasts, and other audio formats instantly and effortlessly through your phone. USB charging connections and a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot are also included.

Value & services:

Chevrolet is one of the most powerful and lucrative brands in the United States. After acquiring General Motors’ stake in their former GM-AvtoVAZ joint venture in December 2019, AvtoVAZ preserved the Chevrolet label for the Niva vehicles as part of the arrangement. AvtoVAZ kept the Chevrolet branding until August 2020, when it was replaced by Lada.

Chevrolet caters to all client segments, from low-cost to high-end vehicles. The marketing mix, segmentation, targeting, positioning, competition, and analysis are all part of Chevrolet’s marketing strategy. The company spends a lot of money on things like advertising and promotional strategies. Chevrolet vehicles come with a one-year insurance policy that is absolutely free.

Chevrolet automobiles must be maintained on a regular basis in order to preserve fuel efficiency and address the vehicle’s major issues.

We offer the below services:

Chevrolet Engine Repair

Chevrolet Gear Box Repair

Chevrolet Suspension Repair

Chevrolet Transmission Repair

Chevrolet Touchless Wheel Alignment

Chevrolet Engine Refurbishment

Chevrolet Software Programming

Chevrolet AC Repair

Chevrolet Engine Cooling System Repair

Chevrolet Brake Repair

Chevrolet Camera/Radar Calibration

Chevrolet Pre-Purchase Inspection

Chevrolet Service Packages

Chevrolet Extended Warranty Packages

Chevrolet Service & Warranty Packages

Plus a range of other services which ensure that all functions of your Chevrolet are at their best.

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Car Pre-Purchase Inspection

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Expert Grade Tuning For Your Luxury Car.

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