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Fiat is a posh, style-led vehicle offering luxury and performance at a lower price than European competitors. These Italian-made luxury cars are a great work of confidence and colours. They possess clear parodic cuteness and the details are plain terrific. But in order to run efficiently, your car needs to be periodically serviced.

Car Rehub is a multi-brand car workshop in Noida that is committed to setting and maintaining punctilious standards for your Fiat car. With our dedicated technicians, we offer high-quality servicing for its longevity.

We have experienced professionals trained to ensure that the quality of our work is never compromised. You can trust the Car Rehub service center to live up to the very highest quality standards at all times. We use genuine parts specifically designed and certified for your luxury vehicles. Also, we provide you with a reasonable cost of ownership by offering cost-effective and competitive pricing. 

Car Rehub is a luxury car service centre in Noida that offers a service experience carefully designed to guarantee transparency and total peace of mind regarding all aspects of your vehicle’s maintenance. 

Whether you drive the popular Urban Cross, Linea, Punto or Abarth, we have experienced staff to look into all your needs. We provide super service from beginning to end. We duly understand how your Fiat runs and the challenges it faces in different conditions. We are aware of the problems regularly faced by Fiat owners like corrosion problems, shifter stuttering, emissions issues, transmission woes, underwhelming engines, handling/steering issues and electrical faults. 

Our expert team is highly experienced in all makes and models of Fiat and ensures total compliance with the manufacturer’s repair guidelines. You are assured to get the best quality Fiat services at the Car Rehub Service Center, Noida in terms of maintenance and repair by certified Fiat specialists who excel in the complex mechanical and electrical systems of the latest Fiat vehicles.

F.I.A.T. stands for “Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino,” but the term FIAT stands for much more. The company is well-known for its ingenuity, adaptability, and practicality. Fiat had been a huge success over the years, and it had not been left to its own devices. Instead, it merged with or acquired other important industry players at a period when staying in business was extraordinarily tough.

Fiat is no longer an Italian automobile manufacturer. It is now a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, making it one of the “Big Three” American automakers. Fait is one of the most well-known car manufacturers in the world today, with vehicles in a variety of niches that are both attractive and cost-effective.

Fiat’s history dates back to the early days of the Italian industry when the business was a key player. The firm charter of Società Anonima Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino was signed on July 11, 1899 at Palazzo Bricherasio. Giovanni Agnelli, a member of the Board of Directors, stood out among the investors and was praised for his determination and strategic vision. He became the company’s Managing Director in 1902.

Fiat’s first factory was opened in 1900 at Corso Dante. Fiat quickly established itself in the most promising areas. The Fiat Automobile Co. was founded in the United States in 1908. Commercial vehicles, trucks, transmissions, and marine engines bordered the assembly line.

Fiat began its relationship with India in 1951, when Premier Automobiles Limited built the Fiat 500 for the Indian market. In 1954, the Fiat 500 was superseded by the Fiat 1100. The Premier 1100 was dubbed the Premier Padmini in 1973, while the Fiat 124 was renamed the Premier 118NE and 138D in 1984 by the Indian manufacturer. Premier purchased the Uno and Siena under the Fiat brand name in the 1990s.

Not only in Europe, but also in the United States, Fiat’s logo has become a powerful status symbol. Since its inception, the logo was developed with the most recent alteration in 2006z helping to create the way we know it today.

The earliest Fiat logo was made up of the letters F-I-A-T. It was designed by Biscaretti and featured a silver line between each letter on a blue backdrop. In 1904, this logo was adopted. Later these letters had various versions throughout the whole history of the brand. It was in 2006 that it received the world’s most famous circle, which included the same old FIAT lettering on a red background.

Fiat’s new logo is shaped like a shield and conveys the concept of constant development.

Car Models by Fiat

Fiat continues to expand in the twenty-first century by inventing autos. Following the company’s poor sales, which rendered the business unsustainable, its parent company, FCA, has decided to focus on Jeep, which is on the rise. The Linea Sedan is one of many vehicles offered by Freeads.

Fiat Abarth Punto Evo

The Fiat Abarth Punto sports a hot-hatch bodywork with tasteful changes that give it the needed athletic and aggressive appearance.

Along with the Chrome bordered grille, the automobile sports smoked headlamps. This automobile is available in two colours: black and white, and it has Abarth decals, contrasting wing mirror caps, a racing stripe, and Abarth packs. The interior features an all-black colour scheme and Abarth badging on the new sporty fabric seat coverings. It also features leather trimmings on the gearbox and matching seat covers. This vehicle has dual airbags, anti-lock brakes, and sports steel pedals. The suspension system has been upgraded, and the Essence kit is available to boost the power output even further.

Fiat Urban Cross

Another Fiat Punto derivative is the Fiat Urban Cross. It features a higher ride height and more rough accents, making it more of an Avventura sans a spare wheel installed on the tailgate. It’s more appealing because of the roof rails and scuff plates. It has a great cabin with enough space and comfort for the passengers. The petrol-manual and diesel-manual versions of the urban cross are both available.

Value & Technology

For each of its models, Fiat offers a variety of infotainment systems. At this stage, the 500’s infotainment system appears and feels a little old, with little in the way of phone integration. However, the latest Uconnect system for the 500X/500L, which was introduced this year, is bright and responsive, with crisp and clear graphics.

A 5-inch touchscreen with Bluetooth, USB, and aux connections is standard on the 500 hatchbacks and Cabrio, whether in base or Abarth trim. It also features radio and satellite navigation capabilities. For the 2018 model year, both the 500X crossover and the 500L hatchback have a standard 7-inch Uconnect 4.0 touchscreen. It also has satellite radio, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto compatibility, and navigation and SiriusXM traffic information are available as options.

Fiat has a variety of brands under its umbrella. In the mind of customers, the corporation uses a value-based and usage positioning strategy to establish a boastful image loaded with experience. From time to time, the company partnered with numerous racing events and sponsored sports events, which helped the brand gain traction in the market. The company sells cars in all price ranges. Honda, Hyundai, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, and others compete with Fiat.

Fiat has undergone a spectacular transformation from a classic compact automobile to a modern generation car. In recent years, the organisation has faced numerous challenges and crises. However, thanks to the tenacity of the individuals who work there, it is still able to produce wonderful automobiles today. Fiat is still a globally recognised brand that customers recognise. It produces a vast range of vehicles, both large and small, that are well-known throughout the world.

We offer the below services:

Fiat Engine Repair

Fiat Gear Box Repair

Fiat Suspension Repair

Fiat Transmission Repair

Fiat Touchless Wheel Alignment

Fiat Engine Refurbishment

Fiat Software Programming

Fiat AC Repair

Fiat Engine Cooling System Repair

Fiat Brake Repair

Fiat Camera/Radar Calibration

Fiat Pre-Purchase Inspection

Fiat Service Packages

Fiat Extended Warranty Packages

Fiat Service & Warranty Packages

Plus a range of other services which ensure that all functions of your Fiat are at their best.

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