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Car AC Services

How much does your car AC repair cost? When searching for the best car AC repair shop near me, you will come across Car Rehub, which provides the best luxury car service centre in Noida.

A well-maintained air conditioner removes humidity from your car’s cabin and keeps the internal environment cool in the summer while counteracting foggy windshield in the winter. It is important for the proper functioning of a car. Car Rehub is a multi brand car service in Noida that offers the best car AC services.

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    We provide fast and reliable air conditioning services for your luxury car. We ensure the optimum levels of various components present in the vehicle. This is done to check for any cracks or dry out in the car that could lead to coolant leaks, faulty or loose compressors, drive belt tension, refrigerant leaks and so on.

    Timely services should be done for the optimum performance of your car AC. Here you get the best car service in Noida with trained workers who go through a series of checks, repairs sand replacement for your vehicle.

    The basic checklist for your car’s air conditioning service includes:

    • Checking for leaks in components and test system lines with electronic leak detectors
    • Inspecting the pulleys, condenser temperature, thermostats, drive belts, hoses, valves and components
    • Evacuation of system
    • Adding the required amount of refrigerant oil
    • Checking the air vent temperature by running the vehicle at a low speed

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