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Driving a Ferrari involves the iconic roar of engines, a cabin design meant to enable you to harness an incredible power and the speed of a prancing horse. But it is more than an exotic car. Every Ferrari model has a personality of its own as they are hand-built Italian supercars and produced in very limited quantities. Ferraris embody the best of automotive engineering and breakneck performance.

Every Ferrari car is unique. For its peak performance, a detailed service needs to be done. Car Rehub is a multi-brand car workshop in Noida that is committed to set and maintain punctilious standards for your luxury car. With our dedicated technicians, we offer high-quality servicing for its longevity. We provide you with a reasonable cost of ownership by offering cost-effective and competitive pricing. 

Car Rehub is a luxury car service in Noida that offers an experience specially designed to guarantee transparency and total peace of mind regarding all aspects of your vehicle’s maintenance. We have experienced professionals trained to ensure that the quality of our work is never compromised. You can trust us to live up to the very highest quality standards at all times. At Car Rehub, we only use genuine parts specifically designed and certified for your luxury vehicles.

Whether you drive the popular 360 Modena, F430, 458, California or the LaFerrari, we have expert technicians to help you with all your needs. We provide super service from beginning to end. Our staff is experienced in maintaining and repairing the Ferrari vehicles and duly understand how your car runs and the challenges it faces on the road. We are aware of the regular problems faced by the Ferrari owners like faulty parking brakes, heavy leaks on the car, suspension knocking, steering, battery issues, and transmission problems such as worn clutch or shifter and transmission valve correction. 

Our expert team is highly experienced in all models of Ferrari and ensures total compliance with the manufacturer’s repair guidelines. You are assured to get quality services for your Ferrari at Car Rehub Service Center, Noida. The maintenance and repair are done by certified Ferrari specialists who excel in the complex mechanical and electrical systems of the latest Ferrari models.

Ferrari is an Italian luxury sports vehicle company with headquarters in Maranello, Italy. It is one of the most well-known automobiles in the world. Since its inception, the Italian automobile manufacturer has won over 5,000 awards and competed on tracks all over the world. Enzo Ferrari, the company’s founder, dedicated his entire life to creating and building sports cars and racing tracks. A Ferrari is more than a car to most of its owners. These cars are generally associated with speed, luxury, and money.

The official history of Ferrari begins in 1947 when the first Ferrari rolled out of the historic factory and rsn on Via Abetone Inferiore in Maranello. The 125 S was the embodiment of the company’s founder’s enthusiasm and determination. The automobile had a 1.5-litre V12 engine that produced 118 horsepower at 6800 RPM. The corporation has been known throughout its history for its continuing participation and racing, particularly in Formula One.

In 1969, Ferrari sold half of the firm to Fiat. The business built the world’s first rear-mounted V8 engine in the early 1970s. The 308 GTB, 308 GT4, and GTS were very popular models.

In 2002, the first Ferrari store opened in Maranello. There are now 30 Ferrari stores worldwide, with locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Russia.

Ferrari’s logo is one of the most well-known in the world. The brand Ferrari is represented by a horse that has stood up on its hind legs. This is linked to the image conjured up in Enzo Ferrari’s thoughts and might be expressed as “rampant” or “speediness.” The prancing horse, on the other hand, originated in World War I aerial dogfights as a tribute to Italy’s national hero, Francesco Baracca. The racehorse’s position in heraldry represents power and victory.

 Enzo blended the prancing horse symbol with the canary yellow colour of his hometown to create a unique design. The famous Ferrari emblem was born in this way. Ferrari kept the prancing horse insignia for all following automobiles when he separated from Alfa Romeo in 1947 to create his own firm.

The emblem’s shape changed over time, based on industrial design and fashion trends. Originally, it looked like a joyful flag-draped vertically from the window of an Italian palazzo during major celebrations. A banner with the national flag’s colours was displayed on a crimson background. It was laid out with a heraldically genuine image of a horse standing on its hind legs, written in the triangular form of the Coat of Arms. Later, the form changed and the red colour was nearly completely removed, but the heraldic structure and practically all variations were kept.

Throughout the brand’s history, the font of Ferrari has evolved. The lines became more graceful and subtle over time. The apex of the entire text element, however, stayed unaltered.

The black horse, which is featured prominently in the company’s logo, represents power and grandeur. The Italian tricolour appears in all logo variations.

Ferrari Car Models

Ferraris are the stuff of fantasies. These Italian supercars are fast, sexy, and extremely exclusive, pushing performance limits and creating a sensation wherever they go. There are presently five Ferrari models available in India. There are two convertibles and three coupes among them.

Ferrari F8 Tributo

The F8 Tributo is a magnificent tribute to the world’s most powerful V8 engine. This car was presented at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show and is the spiritual successor of the manufacturer’s now-discontinued 488.

There is only one coupé body variant available for this Ferrari. From the blood-red “Rossa Corsa” tint to the steeply graded roofline, it makes a strong impression. Sleek sweptback headlamps, large alloy wheels, a tidy tail section, and dynamic ORVMs are among the features of these cars. The dashboard is designed with the driver in mind, giving it a cockpit-like feel. The car offers unexpectedly nice seats, easy accommodations, and steering wheel controls.

Ferrari 812

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is another name for this automobile, and it comes in only one variant. It is one of the company’s most powerful front-engine production cars to date. It has a sporty look because of the aggressive design components. The Ferrari 812 has a wild grabbing grille with a prancing horse in the middle of the mesh grille. LED headlamps, a rear diffuser, quad circular LEDs, and stunning gills on the bonnet are all included. Around the cabin of the Ferrari 812 is luxury upholstery made of carbon fibre and leather. For ultimate control, the automobile utilises carbon-ceramic brakes.

Exclusivity, Value and Technology

Ferrari is a technological powerhouse to be reckoned with. Under the sleek skin of the Ferrari automobiles, there’s a lot of sophisticated stuff going on. It’s full of clever science and well-thought-out engineering. Every Ferrari that leaves Maranello is custom-built to the customer’s requirements. As a result, each vehicle is distinct.

Ferrari was a pioneer in several of the most cutting-edge technologies, such as virtualization, long before they became popular.

It’s IT infrastructure facilities help the car function better in terms of availability, security, and reliability. By increasing steering torque, the Ferrari Peak Performance (FPP) Technology informs the driver that the automobile is approaching its cornering limit.

The Ferrari Power Oversteer (FPO) System aids in the management of the car during oversteer by increasing steering torque and providing feedback to the driver.

Ferraris today come with two different types of infotainment systems. The Portofino and GTC4Lusso both include a 10.3-inch touchscreen navigation system. The 488 family, 812 Superfast, and new F8 Tributo, on the other hand, have a small colour display to the right of the infotainment system that is operated by buttons on the dashboard.

This Italian automaker will be able to assess the driver’s body temperature in the future and automatically alter the car’s air conditioning or heating.

Ferrari’s visual identity has always been constant. Viva Las Vegas, a 1958 Elvis Presley film, and Spinout, a 1966 film, are two examples of the brand’s appearances in Hollywood films. The Ferrari driven by Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair in 1968 is one of the most iconic cinematic automobiles. The automobile featured in the film was auctioned for $27 million.

The firm produces less than 10,000 automobiles every year, with a Ferrari sports car costing roughly $250,000. Ferrari has the distinction of being the most successful and longest-running Formula One team. Whatever the industry changes, Ferrari will always find a way to blend tradition and technology to create unique automobiles that are high in performance, quality, luxury, and demand.

We offer the below services:

Ferrari Engine Repair

Ferrari Gear Box Repair

Ferrari Suspension Repair

Ferrari Transmission Repair

Ferrari Touchless Wheel Alignment

Ferrari Engine Refurbishment

Ferrari Software Programming

Ferrari AC Repair

Ferrari Engine Cooling System Repair

Ferrari Brake Repair

Ferrari Camera/Radar Calibration

Ferrari Pre-Purchase Inspection

Ferrari Service Packages

Ferrari Extended Warranty Packages

Ferrari Service & Warranty Packages

Plus a range of other services which ensure that all functions of your Ferrari are at their best.

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