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The tyres of a luxury car forms the metaphorical base of the vehicle and need proper care. They are crafted with special care and have a unique design. It enhances the beauty as well as improve its performance. But they are often prone to damage.

If you have any issues with your vehicle’s wheels, come to Car Rehub. We provide the best luxury car service in Noida. You don’t need to go to your car manufacturer’s service centre to maintain your luxury vehicle. We provide you with a complete tyre shop service with affordable rates regardless your car’s make and model.

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    Our skilled professionals check the tyres in detail, detect problems and correct any type of issues. Your premium car will be in good hands as we equip it with legitimate parts. Apart from the tyres, maintainance of tyre rims is also important. Scratches or damage to the rim can affect the car’s performance.

    The services included under the tyre shop are:

    • Wheel Rotation
    • Tyre Alignment
    • Inflation Pressure
    • Tyre Balancing

    So hurry up and book an appointment with us today to experience the luxury of the best multi brand car service in Noida.

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